"Smash Some Pumpkins" 7"
1987 Trashtone Records
"Sugar 'n Spice"  cass
1989 Trashtone Records
"Love Story"  7" Ep
1990 Incognito Records
"Dirt"  Lp
1991 Incognito Records
"Hungover Again"  7"
1992 Incognito Records
"Ghosts +2"  7"
1992 Trashtone Records
"Prozac Baby"  7"
1994 Pogo Stick Records
"Partyin' Studlords with
Guitars and Beer"  cass
1994 Trashtone Records
"Here's Mud in Your Eye"  7"
(split w/ The Harries)
1994 Incognito Records
"Fury III"  CD Ep
1996 Trashtone Records
"Burn Holes"  7"
1998 Eerie Records
"Junk Drawer Souvenirs"  CD
1998 Trashtone Records
"A Fistful of Caulk"  enhanced CD
2004 Trashtone Records
The Noise  #191  May 1999  Boston, MA
Junk Drawer Souvenirs
Over the past ten years, The Broken Toys have released countless singles and cassettes, appeared on numerous LP and CD compilations and toured Europe no less than five times. Now the Broken Toys have released their third full length, and it is, I believe, their finest album to date. Their sound is laced with all the aggressive punkiness of The New York Dolls, The Clash, Buzzcocks, and early Jam. It’s tempered with the songwriting sensitivity of Richard Thompson, the bile and sarcastic temper of early Pete Townsend, and all the majesty of raw rock that we’ve come to expect from The Broken Toys. The songs are all pretty much “fuck you for leaving me” love songs, but the arrangements, occasional harmonies, and constant bombast of high energy never let you down. Chameleon, Souvenir and 3:38 am show these qualities at their best. As the album progresses, The Broken Toys ease off the amphetamine rock approach to showcase a more thoughtful and sophisticated side. As seen in songs like Wander and Now She’s a Whore, The Broken Toys have come into their own, showing a new depth of musicianship, bringing more to the table musically and creatively. The punk-rockabilly Burn Holes the upbeat country-twangy The Drink in my Hand and the Buffalo Tom-tinged Punching Bag are proof positive that this band is still bursting with great ideas and killer songs. Listen to the special bonus track at the end of the moody closer 3:38 am. ’Tis quite a hoot!!! This album will rock your world. 
(Review by Joel Simches - The Noise)

The Musician’s Trade Journal   Vol.4 Issue 3  March 1999,   NH
Junk Drawer Souvenirs
  With 23 domestic and international releases under their belt, as well as seemingly non-stop touring in the United States and Europe over the past decade, The Broken Toys of Methuen, MA continue to deliver their own brand of infectious, energetic music on Junk Drawer Souvenirs. Headed up by Karl Rademacher (vocals/guitar), this powerful trio with deep punk/rock roots rounds out with Steve Lytle (bass/vocals) and drummer Kenny Dussault. Opening with, Someone I Used to Know, a catchy tune that comes in sweet then proceeds to kick some serious butt, The Broken Toys then deliver 10 more numbers of various textures. Long regarded as a band who can deliver upbeat, stick-in-your-head songs, they can rest comfortably on these laurels with tunes such as, Souvenir, Caught in a Dream, Now She’s a Whore and Punching Bag, while Wander (airport lounge mix) and 3:38am prove there’s no lack of growth for this band. There is enough “musical history” on Junk Drawer Souvenirs to satisfy long-time fans of The Broken Toys, as well as plenty of new audio treats to further expand their ever-growing fan base. - By B. Dare

The Northeast Performer      Jan 1999     Boston,MA                                                                                                
Junk Drawer Souvenirs 
Produced by Dan Batal at Soundside Studio, Lawrence, MA
The Broken Toys have been around for ten years pushing their sloppy brand of trash and roll. Souvenirs stabs at the same tied-off vein. Part junkie-country, part Johnny Thunders six- string smash. Highlights include the subtle “Now She’s A Whore” and the high-octane “Burn Holes.”

Metronome   Jan 1999   Billerica, MA
Junk Drawer Souvenirs
This scrappy trio shows a raucous side on their new release  Junk Drawer Souvenirs.  Overdriven chunks of power-riff guitar by Karl Rademacher are countered by Steve Lytle’s velocity sneering bass lines and a seismic drumming assault from Kenny Dussault. Produced and recorded by ex-Neighborhood fourth wheel Dan Batal, this CD bleeds with buoyant fervor sure to curl the hairs on the back of your neck.

WBCN - Deek McDeekula   Boston, MA
Junk Drawer Souvenirs
Methuen-bred, Tom Petty-ish, guitar-strummin‘, upbeat, pop-rock with a dash of punk and attitude. These guys have been around a long time. “Junk Drawer Souvenirs” is a CD that grows on you after a few listens. I wound up liking it a lot when I gave it a second chance. These guys sound like they would be fun to see live. Support local music dammit!!

Teenage Lobotomy   Germany
Junk Drawer Souvenirs CD
I was really looking forward to this record and it took quite a while. Since the last release, the “Fury III” MCD, they changed their style a little bit and left the straight 77 -Punk rock line. This 11 cut CD (plus hidden bonus track) is more influenced by the 60’s (fuzz sounds) and is most soft than hard Punk rock. The sound is comparable with their older songs “Now she’s a whore” (this song of their first LP is also incl. on this CD in another version), “Restless & Bored” or “I’m so convenient”. But there are also some cool kick-ass Punk rock songs feat. like “Burn Holes” or “Caught In A Dream”. All in all I’m a bit disappointed ‘cause this ain’t a hit record like their first LP or the “Fury III” MCD and I think you should first listen to the record to look if you like their new style. But I like this record & live on stage the BROKEN TOYS still kick your ass with a great Punk rock show -I saw them on Saturday, 10th October in Germany and they were fantastic!!!

Tail Spins  #33  Evanston, IL
Junk Drawer Souvenirs CD
To look at the stupidty of the CD cover, the inside pictures, and band name it would naturally appear that they suck, but that’s not right of me or fair to them. After hearing the CD, yes they suck and out-datedly so. MILLER DANDY

Flipside    #116  Jan/Feb 1999      Pasadena, CA       
“Burn Holes” EP
The title track is a silly cow punk song about throwing out your couch because it has too many burn holes. The stand out track here is “Chameleon,” which is the rocker of the bunch. I am a big covers geek so I truly enjoyed “Rhinestone Cowboy”. Worth the price of purchase. - Donofthedead

Tail Spins  #33   Evanston, IL
Burn Holes 7"
Boring ass pop punk shit. Enough of this shit! It’s killing the meaning of punk. God Damn, you know a band sucks when they cover “Rhinestone Cowboy”!  - MIKE SWINDLE

Flipside #103  Aug/Sept 1996   Pasadena, CA
Fury III
Having been going for quite awhile, once a year something from these guys usually falls from a tree somewhere. Here they got seven new songs under the belt for the listening consumer.
Some more of their 77ish power pop punk. They’ve got a lot more production sound here since their last single, and getting much more of a contemporary sound. - Katz

AbBestia!   July 1997  Pinerolo - Torino, Italy
Fury III
Ok, I’ll keep it short. These 4 songs are the best things that these 3 guys ever put out. If you’re a fan already you’ll adore them even more, if you’re not already a fan, you’ll become one.

Urinine   Indpls, IN
Fury III  
4 mid-tempo punk rock songs about cars, wimmin and the like with a slightly more mature approach than your average punk band. Of course they have been putting out records since 1990 so I guess they’ve had time to develop those three cords. I liked, and the lyrics to Fury III made me miss my Malibu, so bonus points there.  Sid

Maximun RockNRoll  #158   July 1996  Berkeley, CA
Fury III
This is pretty rockin’. Four melodic punk songs that at times remind me of WAX and at others like the early HARD ONS. I don’t know shit about cars, but this record made me wanna sing along. (LH)

Suburban Voice #39  Lynn, MA
Fury III
In Boston’s northern outlying suburbs is a well-kept punk secret, The broken Toys. Four scrappy, catchy songs emphasizing strong hooks and infectious harmonies to go  with the punk thrust. “Fury III” and “Breathe” beg for more plays. If they were from California they’d be huge - as it is, overcoming their Methuen surroundings is something to be admired.

Plastic Bomb #18    Duisburg, Germany
Fury III
Die Jungs wollten der Micha und ich mal live-haftig erleben. War uns allerdings schon zu spät und wir waren müde. So ist diese Mini-CD für mich Premiere. Und ich muss sagen, diese ist äusserest gelungen. Fernab von irgendwelchen Melodic-heine-Bands machen die Broken Toys heir 4 X klasse melodischen Punkrock, der bei mir offene Türen einrennt Nächstes mal gehe ich nicht schlafen. Swen

Maximum RockNRoll  #138 Nov ‘94    Berkeley, CA
Broken Toys/ Harries- split EP
The Broken Toys play traditional punk with some serious DEAD  BOYS/(early) CLASH influence.
P-U-N-K, these guys continue to rock. Harries (from Holland) play catchy punk in a more European (hmm) style. They sound like sort of a cross between Finnish pop punk and THE TOY DOLLS. Highly recommended. (KK)

Maximum RockNRoll  #139   Dec ‘94    Berkeley, CA
“Prozac Baby” EP
I wasn’t sure this band still existed, but this single makes me glad they do. Both tracks have that cool RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS/DEAD BOYS early NY punk/new wave sound to them. Worth checking out! (MH)

Flipside  #95   Apr/May 1995     Pasadena, CA
“Prozac Baby b/w Pocket Book”  7”
This old MA band is back with two more punk rock songs and their pretty good. Heavy late ‘77 influence going on here. Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) produces the more rockin’ number, “Pocket Book”. Hey, cut him some slack jack, ol’ Tom used to be in an MC5 cover band before he hooked up with the rock star guys. All right!   Dooger

Maximum RockNRoll  #117   Feb ‘93    Berkeley, CA
Hung Over Again EP
Three head bouncing punk rock songs from this excellent MA band. Real guitars and yelling type vocals.
With two of the three songs about drinking how can you go wrong? Limited to 333 copies (KK )

Maximum RockNRoll  #117   Feb ‘93    Berkeley, CA
Ghosts” EP
Rock and  roll with that punk bent, similar to the DEVIL DOGS Catchy with great hooks and raw energy. All three tracks are worthwhile. (MH)

PlasPop #4   Germany
After two EPS now comer their debut LP. 13 songs, melodic ‘77 Punk rock which sounds sometimes like the Ramones. If you’re into 77 style, get this quick. You can’t go wrong.

Maximum RocknRoll  #98   July ‘91   Berkeley, CA
These guys specialize in rockin’ three-chord punk with memorable choruses and raw performance and production values. Above average; has the added benefit of good energy and loads of sarcastic humor. (SS)

Showcase    Oct. 17 1991    Erie, PA
The Broken Toys, from Boston - headed here this weekend - play bubblegum-based punk rave-ups with so much raw energy and urgency that they vividly recall New York’s finest, the Ramones. Earlier this year, Broken Toys signed with Incognito Records, a German Label. Dirt, their thirteen-song debut, is crammed with hooky, guitar-driven ditties like “Control Myself,” “Nothing to Do,” and the sarcastic “I’m Aware You’re Perfect” Broken Toys’ melodic sense arid occasional use of harmonies make their best cuts not only infectious, but danceable.

Wrath of Grapes #8    Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Sugar n Spice”
Ten great songs that are generally a tad slower than those on the 45 (Smash Some Pumpkins). Thick in all the right places and clean in the right places, especially when highlighting the great vocals. A vague comparison would be the Celibate Rifles. Yeah! Yeah!

The Spy #3   May 89  Nashua, NH
“Sugar n Spice”
Enough has been said about The Broken Toys similarities to The Ramones. This album carves out it’s own niche. They’ve honed up their songwriting and tightened up their blitzkrieg guitar attack. Rademacher and Steele erupt with enough hot lava to keep your head in the late 70’s, but have also ventured into some new territory with songs like “Waves” and “I’m So Convenient”. Not to worry, The Broken Toys have still kept their sense of humor. Look for “Junky for You” to be a hit on college radio. Mark Erdody

The Noise  # 84  May 1989  Boston, MA
Sugar n Spice
"Restless and Bored“ is about the best thing  on here, with its yawning" relaxed, Jurassic feel; ditto "I'm So Convenient", some slack jawed Kinks/Small Faces-style jinglery. As for the rest of it, at first you hope its goinq to be at least sub par Buzzcocks but then you find yourself falling down, down, below The Rezillos, beneath the Dickies, lower than even the Slickee Boys. It's like the cute pup that slobbers in your lap in the pet shop when all you’re actually hankering after is a couple of goldfish. Stilted slobber and tinny snarl. Grade C chuck. You gotta, pound it with a funny-looking mace and sprinkle on the MSG like there's no tomorrow. Like The Three Stooges run amok at a chess tourney flicking their boogers onto a boxed - in rook. "Love Story" seems to aspire to "Boy I Know"-era Neighborhoods. Side two's program includes the sub-Dogmatic "The Lottery". Nice to know somebody still remembers the rock and roll from Bosstowns backwater past, snurf.

Skull Session  #16   Ontario, Canada 
Sugar n Spice. LP
Forget all the labels, trends and sounds in punk these days and you’ll have THE BROKEN TOYS. This is an excellent follow-up to their EP of a little while back. Great alternative, kick-ass punk rock.

Alternative  #4    Switzerland
Sugar n Spice
Last time we featured their 7”, and here’s a new tape from 1989. The music is still punk rock, but I’d say with  a bid 60”s influence now and then. This tape includes 10 studio recorded  songs in a very good quality. I’ve just heard that they plan to visit Europe, watch out for them, I guess they’re a great live band. I think “Junky for You” is my fave song, but then I also like “Waves” quite a lot.

Maximum RocknRoll  # 67   Dec 88    Berkeley, CA
“Smash Some Pumpkins / Technicolor Girl”
Hey, I remember when punk sounded like this! If you’re a fan of that late 70’s punk/pop sound, this is for you. Fiendish-fun lyrics, just in time for Halloween. Boo! (ML)

Wrath of Grapes #8     Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Smash Some Pumpkins / Technicolor Girl”
Melodic, infectious, obnoxious, mid-tempo pop/punk with that glorious buzz saw fights way through Okeefeneokee Swamp sound! Oh-boy!!

Skull Session     Ontario, Canada
“Smash Some Pumpkins / Technicolor Girl”
If you plan on getting this, make sure you have those little pieces of yellow plastic that go in the middle of commercial singles, ‘cause this baby has a hole in the middle of it the size of Rock Hudson’s butthole. I didn’t, which made for fun reviewing; trying to get the record right in the middle of my turntable! It was worth it. Side one, “Let’s Smash Some, Pumpkins”, reminds me a lot of GBH from their “Sick Boys..” days, you know the repeated heavy guitar lick with neat-o sounding distortion? Side two, “Technicolor Girl”, reminds me of any typical RAMONES sing along song. Overall, worthwhile spending your cash on. -BRAD

Westsider Chronicle    June 13, 1990  Glendale, AZ
Smash Some Pumpkins / Technicolor Girl,
One to definitely play at full blast next Halloween. Even at 45 rpm it sounds like 75! Lots of early Misfits influence here with the choice of subject, as well as vocals and chops. Comes with neat stickers and an orange cover. Best line: “Halloween’s what like best/shoving candy down her dress.” By Mike Stephens

ZAP  #10  W . Germany
“Smash The Pumpkins 7”
Da lacht das Herz: Das Titelstuck bietet rasant schnellen Punk - Rock, der an geniale  LA. Bands  wie CONTROLLERS oder RAMONES erinnert und die Flipside verwohnt mit einem eher ruhigeren, Aber kraftvollen und melodischen Nummer. BG
(Here the heart laughs: the title song offers rapid fast Punk - Rock, in that brilliant LA.  volume such as CONTROLLER or RAMONES and the flipside with a rather calmer, but powerful and melodic number.  BG)

“Smash Some Pumpkins Technicolor Girl”
Har  liras det skon arnerikansk rocken roll mod inslag av punk. Mastigt, tungt och svangit Porsta laten at tillagnad Halloween firandet I staterna. Singeln ar helt klart kopvard.

Raising Hell #21  England
Smash Some Pumpkins
Unpretensious silly garagey tuneful three chord punk that doesn’t  “grind”, isn’t “heavy” and is more fun than watching BoltThrower being sacrificed to Satan. Now that’s saying something!!! 

Teenage Lobotomy Zine All-Time-Faves:

RAMONES - All the recordings before 1980
DEAD BOYS - Young Loud & Snotty LP
NEW YORK DOLLS - N. Y. Dolls! Too Much Too Soon DLP
ANGRY SAMOANS - The unboxed set CD
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PVC - Punk Rock Berlin CD + Wall City Rock Do-I0”
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HUMPERS - Live forever or die trying CD
DAMNED - New rose
RAPED - Cheap night out/Knock on wood

  Known Compilations:
  Screaming For A Better Future, LP -  1990 Campary Records 
  Who's in There, EP                -  1990 Purple Citrus
  16 Guys Against The World, EP     -  1990 Weed/Flight 13
  Flops OF The Pops, LP             -  1991 Incognito
  Sounds From The Street, EP        -  1991 Nasty Vinyl
  333x Up And Down, CD              -  1994 Incognito
  Songs About Drinking, LP,CD       -  1995 Too Many Records
  American Undergroung, CD          -  1995 Shredder Records
  Runt Of The Litter, CD            -  1996 Fan Attic
  Liverache, LP                     -  1998 Very Small Records
  Super Happy Sampler, CD           -  1998 Eerie Records