Dear Adam,
  Hey what's - up you goat herder, Bah - Bah - Bah, yeah I really Pearl - Harbored that fat bastard Wayne, his wife, Scott & Amy. Yeah I turned him into the fire marshall, code enforcement, IRS, city tax acceement - property tax's, the attorney General and also Comcast the cable company, By the time I'm done with him he'll never wished he stepped on my toes, I hope they butter his fat ass when he gets to prison!!! I guess he's been ripping off the city and the I.R.S. tax's, He lied and said there was only 2 rooms above the gym, he's been ripping them off for 30 years, then Amy & his wife said it was only a 6 kid daycare, what bullshit, I've seen as many as 12 - 20 kids out there, and this ain't including the gym, how many year's has he been claiming so many people, or that the gym is closed, Adam I figured out his little scam, it's - close to $300,000 cash that he’s taken in and hasn't paid tax's on 30 years, that's tax evasion which mean's jail - time, yeah I also told code enforcement & fire marshall about our hook ladder's, we keep blowing fuses, all the way down to no exit door in the gym, By the time I'm done with him they'll own his house here in Nashua and also Berlin, yeah I'm in jail for a little bit of time, I turned in my ex - on a couple more felony's including her boyfriend, and I had my bail revoked, because I didn't want her lieing stating that I made contact with her, if I'm in jail, how did I make contact with her? I'm going to contact my mother to have my bail reinstated so I can be out for my birthday, Saturday, July 26, I'm getting a bottle of Captain Morgan and I'll be making wave's on the Captains Boat "Climb aboard matie" Maybe I'll go down to the gym, do my workout there, "NOT". I'm going to my brother's to work-out, then head into World gym, I'm all set with that dive, anyway's I believe it's going to be closed down soon, that "None Profit Organizition", yeah it's none profit, that's why he don't put any money into the gym, maybe Ren, Bob, and the rest of the power lifter will buy that dump off of him, yeah what a power gym!, Nobody has taken in any awards to that dump yet, and wont, the only trophy he'll get is the I.R.S. with there foot print across his fat ass, they can't miss that, or the man in the shower who takes all inmates dick's up his ass, I don't think he'll be eating at Rolands no more, maybe he'll be eating out of the dumpster, maybe “she” can start dirty dancing or stripping at Rolands for a free - meal for her fat father. Maybe Wayne's wife can get a job as a bouncer at a local club, if she was working and she dropped her pants, I'll run for mile's and I'll probably smell her for mile's. She remindes me of that Beast of Burden, we'll tell your father, Derrick, Victor, I said hi and make sure you guy's take care of yourself's, I have to write about 4 more letter's, Tell Jeff & Steff I also said hi
take care
*(name confidential)

Adams letter from Prison