Monday, Oct 13th. Woke up around noon feeling one hundred times better than
yesterday, so that in itself is a reason to greet the day with an Irish jig! After one of our
standard breakfasts of  donor kebabs or pides' we tried to decide what to do on our day
off. Now, although  we've known Kenny for a long time, this is the first time hes been
part of The Broken Toys when we've been in Europe, so naturally there was only one
thing for him to do; go back to sleep till about five or six oclock! Me and Steve slithered
around town during Kennys dreamland adventure. After the pubs closed, we stayed up
drinking with Moritz and watching the boat load of hip-hop on the Euro music video
   Tuesday, Oct 14th.  Same as yesterday pretty much, except today we had to go to
Karlsruhe. Tonights show was at a club who's name I forgot but I do remember that it is
located in the red light district. The club was okay, the beer was great, but the
attendance was very lacking. Even the nudie club next door wasn't going our way this
evening, there was a big sign that read  "Every Saturday is American Night!" and of
course, it was only tuesday. On this particular day Moritz drove us three american clowns
in his limousine-like car, I'm not sure how the RnR Stormtroopers got there, since Ralf
the guy with the bus was at his own show, but I do remember that Axel was pulled over
by the police for some reason. Apparently this is a common occurrence for him and he's
not sure why the police are always picking on him. Now, I don't always claim to know
everything, but I bet if he didn't have a large drawing of a hand throwing the finger and
"cops suck" slogans painted on his car, he wouldn't have these problems. Again, maybe
I'm wrong, this is only my opinion, but I do know that it is a comfortable car to ride in. We drove back to Moritzs' flat and drank beer and watched tv until we stopped.
    Wednesday, Oct. 15th.  Today was the day that Stormtrooper Klaus' mom invited us
over for a delicious Swabian home-cooked meal of  Mautashen. I know that's spelled
wrong, But it means Mouthbags. And let me just say it was a welcome change to our
usual menu. A pleasant afternoon with Stormtrooper Tex, Klaus and his parents, the
lovely Julia and the three american scuds! Drinking Greek booze too. Again a big thank-you  to his parents!
   Now right around this time we also learned of another delicacy in these parts. A special
German sauce that certain Turkish imbiss' have been accused adding to their kebabs. Now
these tales of culinary delight didnt stop us from indulging on our favorite Turkish foods,
because there haven't been any reports of special American sauce being added, but
nontheless, this info added a certain tangy zest to the rest of our time in the Sindelfingen
   I swore an oath to the Gods of black-death metal that I wouldn't go out drinking this
night on our day off. So naturally "Wizo" Ingo and "CMF" Ralf showed up, just as Will
Smith (the fresh prince of Bel-Air) kicked into his new video, with an invite to go kill
more brain cells at a place called the Universium or something. Going against the laws of
nature, we declined. The next four days would be busy with shows and we decided that
we needed a rest. At about 1AM, Moritz showed up with more beer, I remembered that
my oath was to not go out drinking, nothing about staying in and drinking!
   Thursday, Oct. 16th.  We all pile into the bus with Ralf at the wheel, except Storm-
troopers Ollie and Axel ride in the anarchy car. Our desination, Mannheim, the city of
men, well eight more man-like creatures would soon be embracing that city of love. I
forget the name of the joint, its a AJZ. We were met by a girl from the club who hooked
us up with our sleeping arrangments and food. I was very impressed with how fluent she
spoke english, she had all the slang and accents down and everything, then I found out
shes an former American soldier now living here. Oh well, I was still impressed.
   I was excited because two of  my cousins from Frankfurt, Judith and Nele, who I
haven't seen in a year, would be venturing out to this place, the city of Men, tonight. I
didn't pay too much attention to to fact that the the audience was small, they weren't
short, I mean the amount of audience was small, because they were very enthusiastic and it
was a fun night. Nothing out of the ordinary, just drinking with my cousins and the
Stormtroopers. At one point in the evening the topic of slurred conversation, was pissing,
not just any pissing but, pissing in strange places. Which until the next morning, didn't
have much meaning.
  Friday, Oct. 17th.  "WET WET WET" shouted a very disturbed Ollie, "SOMEBODY
Excerpts of The Broken Toys tour journal 98
(by Karl) part 2